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Learning is a gift.

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As I have begun to refocus my views on education through anti-racist and consent-based lenses, I weave such practices into my teaching, asking learners to carry these lenses into their classwork and beyond. I work with artist-scholars, teaching artists, and lifelong learners, all of whom have had different access within their education. It is my role as an educator to guide learners toward developing their potential, in ways that connect with various learning styles. I thrive on developing thought-provoking curriculum, collaborating with colleagues, and fostering stimulating & safe creative communities. I ask learners to think critically and expand their awareness beyond what makes them comfortable, while living truthfully in their boundaries. I foster curiosity, encouraging learning to happen outside of the classroom walls. The classroom community works together to create a space where questions are encouraged, the ensemble can empathize with others, and where learners are not afraid to be themselves.

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